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Diva Amon
Mining, Metals and Megafauna in the Pacific Deep-Sea

John Casey

-What was your path to graduate school?
Chantel Chang

What drives me: Giving more, taking less
Finding my SOEST niche: From occupational therapy to mathematics to biological oceanography

Megumi Chikamoto

-Bedtime Science Stories
Anela Choy
Creatures Lurking in the Darkness
Carolyn Faithfull
Why did I become an ecologist?
Stuart Goldberg
What drives me to be a scientist?: Impacting society through science
Michelle Jungbluth
Inspiring future discoveries and changing the world
It’s Not Always Bad to Cross the Line
From a pre-Veterinarian, to Animal Behaviorist, to Adoptions Counselor, to Biological Oceanographer…

-Chasing Plankton
Sean Jungbluth
Gambling on Oceanography in Hawaii: The Risk Was Worth The Reward
Haunani Kane
Adapting Locally to Sea-level Rise
Markus Lindh
The art in microbial oceanography: why data visualizations and art are two sides of the same coin
Shannon McElhinney
Storm Chasing on O‘ahu!
Jaclyn Mueller

-Breaking ice in Antarctica… to discover what lies beneath
Brendan Rideout
From garbage sorter to marine bioacoustician

Shimi Rii
The One With The Peanut Butter M&M’s
Leah Shiruzu
Bridging the Gap
Katie Smith
Bad Data/Good Data: How a physical study ended up giving insight into animal behavior
Alice Vislova
Thinking Small
Donn Viviani
A Bittersweet Cruise
How I got into science
Christine A. Waters

Name the Three Types of Rock: Balancing Music and Minerals Path to Graduate School
Aquatic Soldiering – The Norm
Jennifer Wong-Ala
HIMB30 – The Prius of Bacteria
Would you like a side of plastic with your fish?
Elisha Wood-Charlson

To Jargon or not to Jargon

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