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May 5, 2015 – Mahalo to all of you who contributed to the 1st SOESTblog Writing Contest: What drives you! Congratulations to Carolyn Faithfull for her winning entry about how a smelly lake in her hometown in New Zealand inspired her to become an aquatic ecologist. She will be going live with ThinkTech’s Ethan Allen on his show, Likable Science, to talk about her research!

Even though the contest is over, we have a few contributors who wanted to write about what drives them to do their research anyway. We encourage you to keep writing, especially during the summer! Check out our categories (on the right panel) and write about any of our categories, or feel free to write about anything that inspires you! Email us at and see Submission Guidelines prior to submission. We look forward to hearing from you!

Chantel Chang is also now a Regular Contributor! Thanks, Chantel! Check out our Contributor bios!

As we wrap up our Spring semester, the Science Communicators ‘Ohana, the RIO affiliated with the SOESTblog, is hosting 2 exciting events.

First – on May 21, we have our monthly pau hana where scicomm enthusiasts get together, but we are taking it up a notch by bringing in a stage and a mic to practice our Pub Speeches! This is in preparation for the Nerd Nite Takeover coming up on June 2!

The format: Each person jots down their 30-second elevator speeches on an index card, and go up and tell us a brief snippet following the question, “so, what do you do?” The goal is to be interesting enough to provoke a follow-up question from the audience! We will have munchies to share. Come on down and Speech away!!

April 30, 2015 – What drives you? What is your passion and emotional attachments that keep you doing your research, day in and day out? Share your story in 750 words or less and be entered into our writing contest.

Prizes:  A 1st Place winner and a runner-up will each win a *30-min interview with Ethan Allen on his Likable Science show, hosted by ThinkTech Hawaii. Likable Science is broadcasted live on UStream, OC16, and ‘Ōlelo. All submissions, with edits, will be published on the SOESTblog website.

*Winners may choose to decline their interview if they simply want to write an article on the theme.  Please let us know if that is the case when you submit your article to us.

Selection Criteria:  Two winners will be chosen by Ethan Allen from the top 5 articles with the most reads on their blog piece (tracked by WordPress)! Use your social media skills and share your posted pieces! The total amount of reads will be tallied for 2 weeks from the day that the article was posted.

Next Steps:  Start brainstorming your ideas and enter the SOESTblog Writing Contest today! Submissions are due by the extended date, April 3rd to See Submission Guidelines prior to submission.

Jan 23, 2015 – As you may have noticed, we here at Real Science at SOEST! Blog were not very“active” last semester. Research cruises, labwork, conferences, classes … before we knew it, 4 months had passed.We did have a chance to share a few amazing stories, including one about Michelle’s ceremonial equator crossing and one of Chantel telling us about her career switch from occupational therapy to ocean modeling.But this semester, SOESTblog is BACK, fiercer than ever. We are now a part of the Science Communicators ‘Ohana, a Registered Independent Organization here at UH-Manoa. We at the SciComm ‘Ohana organized a Pub Speech Workshop in October, where participants worked on their elevator speech and practiced it during the session. A few weeks ago, our SciComm ‘Ohana officer Elisha Wood-Charlson gave a Nerd Nite talk about “How not to communicate your science” and it was a huge success!

We have more in store for you this semester, so mark your calendars!

  • February 19 – Thirsty Third Thursdays Pau Hana session
  • February 25 – Blog Basics Writing Group session
  • April 15 – Pub Speech Workshop #2 (with practice sessions at Manoa Gardens!)

And Extra! Extra! Regular Contributors are wanted for our SOESTblog! As a regular contributor, you get to share at least 2 stories per semester, and be profiled on our site. Interested candidates should email for more information.

We are of course always accepting Guest Posts, so send us an email, whether it’s an idea or a partially written piece, and we can go from there.

Remember –  blog articles can be entirely creative – an adventure in the field, an interview with a visiting scientist, a series of cool photos of your research site, a video of an operation, the list goes on!

We appreciate your support and are so happy to have you as readers of the SOESTblog!

We look forward to hearing from you,

SOESTblog editors

27 October 2014 – SOESTblog is now part of the Science Communicators ‘Ohana, a Registered Independent Organization at the University of Hawaii at Manoa! We at SciComm ‘Ohana want to bring you workshops and get-togethers to improve science communication and inter-departmental collaboration at UH. In fact, we are holding our first workshop, “Pub Speech Workshop”, on Wednesday, November 5, from 3:30-4:30 p.m. Find event details here!

28 August 2014 – We are kicking off the new semester with 3 theme choices:
1) Summer is often the busiest season for SOEST students, whether with fieldwork or intense labwork. Share your summer research experience with us!
2) Have you ever had a EUREKA! moment in your graduate research?
3) Fun with creative writing: Let’s say your study organism (or compound, or site, or phenomena …) suddenly acquired the ability to talk to you. What would your conversation be like?

17 July 2014 – Come to the RealScience writing session on July 17th, at 3:00-4:00 pm in the Marine Science Building, room 200. We will be learning from a fellow student and creative writing expert, Julia Wieting, about different writing techniques to help inspire your writing and more effectively reach your audience!  Snacks will be provided. See agenda here.

13 May 2014 – Want to make an impact through making cutting-edge oceanography research more accessible to the public?   Oceanbites is looking for new writers.  This is an (unpaid) opportunity for grad students. The blog is hosted at URI GSO, but contributors can be from anywhere.

23 April 2014 – Our new theme is:
“How did you find your niche at UH Manoa?”

Starting graduate school can be a scary experience – a new city, a new environment, maybe a new field. How did you cope?
Did you … join a sporting team?
Are you … active in student organizations?
Do you … hang out a lot with your graduate class cohorts?

15 April 2014 – Real Science at SOEST! is excited to offer our first ever Writing Group session on Wednesday, 4/23! The event will be held from 4-5 pm in Marine Science Building Room 200. During the hour, we will watch a short online course on writing tips, brainstorm ideas for our new theme, and share our thoughts! Come check us out and join in on the fun! More info on the agenda can be found here.

3 April 2014 – Here at Real Science at SOEST! we are going through a major change. We are brainstorming ways to expand the SOEST blogging community, and looking for the best ways. We are hoping to offer writing workshops and improv sessions in the future.

17 February 2014 – We put up useful links for the upcoming Ocean Sciences Meeting in Honolulu, HI – check them out here!

We are still looking for articles!! Our next category is “Research Impacts: Why we care about what we do.” We are looking for big picture importance – sort of an elevator pitch to what you would tell your friends and family what you study.  Exciting stuff! Please submit your article to us by Friday, March 7 or earlier.

27 January 2014 – A guest blog post by PhD graduate student Donn Viviani on bacteria and their sweet tooth is up! Check it out!

CALL FOR ARTICLES!! Our next category is “Research Impacts: Why we care about what we do.” We are looking for big picture importance – sort of an elevator pitch to what you would tell your friends and family what you study.  Exciting stuff! Please submit your article to us by Friday, March 7 or earlier.

30 December 2013 – Happy New Year! We have been exploring our Q&A with SOEST graduate students on 3 topics regarding graduate school application and survival.  Thank you so much for reading! We will be wrapping up the questions in the next couple of weeks, and will be moving onto a new category: “What are the potential impacts of your research results?” We are looking for big picture importance – sort of an elevator pitch to what you would tell your friends and family what you study.  Exciting stuff! We hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!

12 November 2013 – The answers to the first category of our Q&A, “Deciding to go to grad school”, will be posted soon! Check out the questions here! Also, now that we have gone through two categories, we want to hear how we are doing! We welcome any feedback or comments about how best to improve this blog, as well as comments about how much you are enjoying it (comment through this page)! Thanks!

29 July 2013 – The last article for our first category, “Adventures in the field,” has been posted today! Read it here.  To keep this blog going, we need articles! Tell us about your path to graduate school in 350-500 words.  The deadline has been extended to this Wednesday, 7/31 – try your hand at science writing, and share your story!

15 July 2013 – Check out the new flurry of blog posts about exciting research around the world!  Hopkins Marine Station in Northern California just held a Writing Contest, read their top 4 contestants’ articles!

8 July 2013 – Great news: we have expanded our readership.  We will now have updates on the SOEST Hawaii facebook page when new articles are posted.  And as a result, our blog has reached an all time high of 148 visitors today!

10 June 2013 – What do you want to write about next?  Suggest a topic by contacting Michelle or Shimi, or commenting on this page

4 June 2013 – The first article has been posted!   See Anela Choy’s article on her work studying creatures of the deep.

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